Be a Superhero!!!

Officially, Superheroes for Hospice is a fundraising project for the Barnabas Health Hospice and Palliative Care Center (BHHPCC). But really, it is so much more. If you love comic books, collect them, read them, watch the movies based on them then this is a great organization to volunteer. I, myself, grew up with superheroes. So when I was handed the flyer for this organization at New York City Comic Con, I couldn’t resist.

Sorting comics is soooo much fun!

Volunteering with Superheroes for Hospice mainly entails sorting the vast collection of comic books but it can also include helping with a comic book sale/show. Sorting can be fun if you don’t mind alphabetizing and putting things in order. The fun part is coming across old favorites or discovering new-to-you comics. Unfortunately you can’t take any of the comics home with you or set them aside for later. They have to be available for the sale! This is a fundraising project after all. Becoming a volunteer is as easy as emailing the leader/creator of this project, Spiro Ballas. He will let you know when there are sortings or when the next show may be.

Our fearless leader, Spiro, and another comic book fan, Jay.

Now let’s say for whatever reason you can’t volunteer. There are other ways to help out. Maybe you happen to have a collection of comics and you don’t really want them anymore. Then donate! Spiro is always willing to accept donations no matter how large or small.

Please donate!

What if you can’t volunteer and you have nothing to donate? Then attend a comic book sale/show. Buy some comic books. It’s for a good cause. All proceeds will benefit patients and families served by the Barnabas Health Hospice and Palliative Care Center. Not only are there comic books on sale but you can even get to meet some comic book creators as well as buy some action figures and other collectibles. If you’re lucky you might even spot one or two cosplayers.

Check out their Facebook page to stay up-to-date on shows and other news.

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